Soles and crocheting instructions for your new project:
Crocheted botties – cozy indoor/outdoor shoes to crochet yourself.

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Firsthand reports

What do other people say about our crocheted botties? We asked a few bloggers to test our soles and report on their findings.

Report from judithhaekelt

Report from Madame Fux.

Report from Mein gehäkeltes Herz


We regularly post new models and ideas on Instagram, where we also share photos from fans of crocheted botties. Take a look!

Soles + crocheting instruction = your new DIY-project?

What are botties?

Botties are adaptable and flexible: at home, in the yard, for camping and as overshoes, botties are convincing thanks to their robust, nonslip and waterproof soles! Best of all: you can make them yourself!

Botties are absolutely new and unprecedented. In the warm season of the year, crocheted botties let their wearer spontaneously switch to a new style by simply slipping them over her flat summer sandals. But probably the most important advantage of botties is that they solve the problem of fluctuating temperatures and changeable weather. Have you ever sat in the backyard with friends on a mild summer evening and suddenly started to get cold feet? Have you ever wished you could discreetly slip off your sandals, pull on a pair of socks and then slip your sandals on again? Now such thoughts needn’t ever return. The sole is thin, elastic and very flexible so botties can be easily folded to save space in a handbag. They’re convenient to take along everywhere, so you can slip them on whenever you need them! The style factor is inspired by the latest fashion trends. Create your own crocheted shoes and never get cold feet again! In the cold season of year, botties can also be worn as house slippers after inserting the appropriate insoles. Their nonslip and robust soles make the big difference between botties and ordinary leather-soled slipper-socks. The cozy felt insoles keep your feet comfortably warm and cushion every step.


Anyone can crochet their own botties. When you buy a pair of botties soles, you also receive the “crochet botties” label to sew on. Instructions for crocheting the basic shoe are available at no charge. If you wish, you can depart from the instructions and let your creativity run free. Create your own wearable works of art!

The special feature of Botties soles

They’re manufactured from a robust sole material and are accordingly flexible, so they can adapt to go with variously shaped sandals. This adaptability is further supported by the neutral foot shape and the rounded edges, so botties also provide enough space for somewhat wider sandals. A heel-cap prevents the fabric from slipping under the heel when you walk. The heel-cap also makes it easier to slip into botties. The soles are pierced all along the edge so you can immediately begin crocheting.

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